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Meet The Staff:

Nancy Hunter,  Program Director and Preschool Lead Teacher
              Nancy Has been with the center since 1998, and became the
 director in 2004. She teaches one of the preschool classes, and enjoys
 her office duties as well.  Nancy has degrees from Western Michigan University and the University of Toledo.  She lives in Petersburg with her husband and has three children and a grandson.

Lisa Begeman Preschool Assistant, Caregiver
           Lisa has been with the center since 2001.  She is an assistant in  all three of our preschool classes.  Lisa opens on Fridays and works with the older children after school.  She has three grown children and lives in

Heather Manor,   Preschool Assistant, Caregiver  
            Heather works with many different groups throughout the week.  
She is an Ida graduate, and lives in Monroe with her husband and three children.  All of her children attended our preschool program.    

Jodi Zeiler,  Caregiver
             Jodi has returned to us after a break for a few years to watch her
 son's sports activities.  She has three children, three grandchildren,
 and lives here in Ida.  Jodi works  with the younger  children and
 the school age group.

Chris Knaggs,  Caregiver
             Chris is a graduate of Monroe High School, but has two children who attend Ida.  She will be working with all of the age groups throughout    the week.  Chris also works with one of the youth groups here at Prince of Peace.

Brooke Ryan,  Toddler Lead Teacher
                  Brooke is an Ida High School graduate.  She is majoring  in Early Childhood Education at MCCC.  We are happy to have Brooke take over the lead toddler position.  She was in our preschool class when she was a little girl!

Stephanie Ott,  Financial Director and Preschool Teacher,
                      Stephanie is returning to us after completing her degree from the University of Toledo. She has also been married since she was here last.   Please feel free to contact Stephanie with any of your financial questions.  She is also teaching our 3 year old preschool class this year!

Kelsey Slocum,  Daycare Lead Teacher
                   Kelsey will be working all mornings with the three and four year old daycare children.  She is from Ohio and has a Bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University in Early Childhood Education.     Kelsey lives in Monroe with her husband and two dogs. 

Hannah Campbell,  Caregiver  
​                   Hannah is an Ida graduate and is enrolled in the nursing program at Mercy College.  She will be going between several classrooms, but will mainly be with the younger children.  

Morgan Howe,  Caregiver
                  Morgan grew up in the area and is an Ida graduate.  Her son attended our preschool program last year, and her daughter will be a student this fall.  Morgan will be working with the toddlers as well as the school age children. 

Candy Young,  Caregiver
                  Candy grew up in Lapeer  and received a bachelor's degree in education from Oakland University.  She has two children who attend Ida.  Candy will be working most often with the younger children in the toddler and daycare rooms.

Kennedy Ott,  Caregiver
                   We are so happy to have Kennedy back at the center.   She is an Ida graduate and also has a second career as a dental assistant.  Kennedy will be working in the morning with the younger children.

Tammy Harbaugh,  Caregiver
                  Tammy is an Ida graduate and lives in Petersburg.  She has two grown daughters and previously worked at Milan Middle School.  She will be working various hours of the day, but mainly with the toddler group.