Classes Offered and Fees:
 Preschool Program:    (prices effective Sept. '17)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday-  $110.00/mo.   offered from 9:00-11:30
                                                                        and 12:15-2:45
                                                                        (are 4 year-old classes)                                                                                   

Tuesday/Thursday -  $90.00/mo.                 offered from 9:00-11:30
                                                                       ( is a 3 year-old class)
  Weekly Contracted Child Care Rates:

# of days         1st. child                 2nd. child

    1-4                   $36.00                      $32.00

    5                    $160.00                    $140.00

  Weekly Contracted Toddler Rates:

# of days         1st. child                 2nd. child

    1-4                  $38.00                      $36.00

     5                   $170.00                    $150.00
Hourly Rate:
When a child is in care for eight or more hours, the above rate applies.
Children attending less than eight hours will be charged the hourly rate
of $5.00/hr for the first child and $4.50/hr for additional children.  ($5.50/hr for the first toddler, $5.00/hr for additional toddlers)

*There is a minimum charge of one hour per child, per day.

Drop-in Care:  The hourly rate applies.  Please give 24 hour notice.

$30.00- for 1st. child
$50.00- Family Maximum
Is effective from September to September

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